Reasoning Questions For DSSSB Exam: 29th June 2018

Reasoning Questions For DSSSB Exam: 12th June 2018

The reasoning is the most scoring section in any competitive exam. It also develops or nourishes our critical thinking skills as compared to other subjects. In DSSSB Exam, As a student to score well in this part, you have to start your preparation now because there is negative marking as well. The more you have prepared, the better you score.

Directions (1-2): In each of the following questions, which one set of letters when sequentially placed at the gaps in the given letter series shall complete it?

Q1. m _ n m _ n _ a n _ a _ m a _
(a) a m a m m n
(b) a a m n a n
(c) a m m a n m
(d) a a m m n n 

Q2. w w _ x _ x _ y y z z _
(a) w z x y
(b) w x x z
(c) w x y z
(d) x w z w

Q5. Given that 25th February 2008 is Monday, what day is 2nd March of 2008?
(a) Tuesday
(b) Saturday
(c) Sunday
(d) Monday

Q6. A is the mother of D and sister of B. B has a daughter C who is married of F. G is the husband of A. How is G related to D?
(a) uncle 
(b) husband
(c) son
(d) father

Q7. Sheela is Ravi’s sister-in-law. Ram is Ravi’s brother. Ram’s wife is Sheela. Deepa is Ravi’s sister. Deepa’s mother is Shanthi. How is Sheela related to Shanthi?
(a) Mother-in-law
(b) Daughter-in-law
(c) Granddaughter
(d) Daughter

Directions (8-9): In each of the following questions, from the given alternatives select the word which cannot be formed using the letters of the given word.

(a) GRAB
(b) REAP
(c) ROPE
(d) HOPE


Directions (10):Which one of the following numbers is wrong and does not follow the pattern in the given series? 

Q10. 2     3     6     18     109     1944     209952
(a) 3
(b) 6
(c) 18
(d) 109

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