Important Vocabulary For DSSSB Exam: 26th May 2018

Important Vocabulary For Teaching Exam

Dear Readers, we are providing to you Word List from The Newspaper to improve your word power. It will help you to enhance your word power as well as you can understand the correct usage of the word.Your reading habit can make all the difference. If you are not able to read a newspaper for Teaching Exam.We will post important words every day from editorial sectio

1.TIZZY (noun)
Meaning: a state of nervous excitement or agitation.
Usage: When the five-judge Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court began hearing petitions challenging the validity of instant triple talaq, halala and polygamy, there was a tizzy of excitement across India, especially in Muslim circles.

2.PERTAIN (verb)
Meaning: be appropriate, related, or applicable to.
Synonyms: concern, relate to, be related to, be connected with, be relevant to, have relevance to, apply to, be pertinent to, have reference to, refer to, have a bearing on, appertain to, bear on, affect, involve, cover.
Usage: It pertained to the rights of Hindu daughters under the Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005. Aware of this fact, the court conceded (in paragraphs 27-30 of the judgment) that the issue of gender discrimination in Muslim law was not directly involved in the appeal before them.

Meaning: To change into a wholly different form or appearance; transform.
Usage: Indeed, amid a storm of media hype, one of these issues — triple talaq — metamorphosed into a convenient stick in the hands of majoritarian forces to beat the Muslims with.

Meaning: an idea that is taken to be true on the basis of probability.
Synonyms: brazenness, audacity, boldness, audaciousness, temerity, arrogance, egotism, front, presumptuousness, pertness, forwardness.
Usage:Therefore, even the hypothetical presumption that all these women were divorced instantly would not take the number of triple talaq-divorced Muslim women in India beyond quarter per cent of their population — 2.12 lakh is just 0.25% of 83.97 million.

5.WHOPPING (adjective)
Meaning: very large.
Synonyms: huge, massive, enormous, gigantic, very big, very large, great, giant, colossal, mammoth, vast, immense, tremendous, mighty, stupendous, monumental, epic, prodigious, mountainous, monstrous, titanic, towering, elephantine, king-sized, king-size, gargantuan, Herculean, Brobdingnagian, substantial, extensive, hefty, bulky, weighty, heavy.
Usage: Compare this to the fact that a whopping 48.1% of Muslim women in India are illiterate as per the same census, which no Muslim women’s group seems to be aware of.

6. NABBED (verb)
Meaning: catch (someone) doing something wrong.
Synonyms: seize, arrest, apprehend, arrest, collar, pinch, pull in, restrain.
Antonyms: emancipate, free, liberate, loose, release, spring, unbind, unchain.
Usage: A bank robber was nabbed because he made the classic mistake of returning to the scene of the crime.

7. BAGATELLE (noun)
Meaning: a thing regarded as too unimportant or easy to be worth much consideration.
Synonyms: trifle, frippery, picayune, gimcrack, trinket, kickshaw.
Antonyms: worth, gargantuan.
Usage: The question of who will pick up the coffee is a mere bagatelle in the overall planning of the conference.

8. BEWAIL (verb)
Meaning: express great regret, sadness, or disappointment about (something).
Synonyms: bemoan, deplore, grieve (for), lament, mourn, wail (for), moan, weep, bawl.
Antonyms: cheer, laugh, smile, delight, exult (in), glory, joy, rejoice
Usage: He invariably spends more time bewailing his predicament than trying to fix it.

9. BREVIARY (noun)
Meaning: a short statement of the main points.
Synonyms: summary, conspectus, encapsulation, outline, roundup, synopsis.
Antonyms: enlargement, expansion, supplement, amplification.
Usage: A speech that could serve as a breviary for impeachment.

10. CULLING (verb)
Meaning: select from a large quantity; obtain from a variety of sources.
Synonyms: elect, select, choose, pick, take, obtain, get, glean.
Antonyms: reject, disapprove, repudiate, spurn, discard, throw away, throw out.
Usage: In nine months, we as a group, tracked an unknown number of missing children, culling out two hundred and eleven Howie attempted to locate.