Current Affairs Questions in English for DSSSB Exam: 17th May 2018

Current Affairs Questions in English for DSSSB Exam

At Ctetadda, we are providing you the best study material for all teaching examination, which is helpful in your preparation and strengthens your weaker section.Current Affairs is an important section i.e DSSSB ExamKVS Exam 2017 as well as for NVS Exam & others. So, here we are providing you the daily current affairs questions in both the languages. So, start your preparation now!!!

Q1. On the 3rd and final leg of 3 nation visit of vice president of India M Venkaiah Naidu, India and Peru signed an agreement in the field of ______________ at Lima.
(a) Defence Sector
(b) Education Sector
(c) Health Sector
(d) Renewable Energy

Q2. The California-based aerospace company, SpaceX has blasted off its most powerful Falcon 9 rocket, which is certified to carry humans to space later this year. The Block 5 Falcon 9 rocket’s main goal for its maiden mission is to propel the first high-orbit communications satellite for which of the following country?
(a) Nepal
(b) India
(c) Bangladesh
(d) Pakistan

Q3. General Bipin Rawat, Chief of Army the Staff released the book 'Across the Bench - Insight into the Indian Military Judicial System'. The book has been written by the former Army Commander _____________.
(a) Lt Gen Vijay Shankar
(b) Lt Gen Tribhuvan Das
(c) Lt Gen swamidev Aiyar
(d) Lt Gen Gyan Bhushan

Q4. Name the Nobel laureate and noted economist who was honoured with the 11th KISS Humanitarian Award 2018 at a function held in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.
(a) Zakir Khan
(b) Muhammad Yunus
(c) Abdullah Ansari
(d) Mohammad Anas

Q5. Name the British film editor who won an Oscar for David Lean’s epic film Lawrence of Arabia and has passed away, recently.
(a) David Lean
(b) Jim Clark
(c) Anne V. Coates
(d) Antony Gibbs

Q6. International Nurses Day (IND) is celebrated every year all around the world on ____________ to commemorate the birth anniversary of the Florence Nightingale and to mark the nurse's contributions towards people’s health.
(a) 8 May
(b) 10 May
(c) 14 May
(d) 12 May

Q7. Indian Customs and Department of India Posts held a first-ever Joint Conference in ____________ to deliberate on streamlining of imports and exports by post.
(a) Gurugram
(b) New Delhi
(c) Pune
(d) Mumbai

Q8. Muhammad Yunus is the founder of _____________ and is known as the Father of Microfinance.
(a) Grameen Bank
(b) Private Bank
(c) Commercial Bank
(d) Foreign Bank

Q9. Peru is a country in South America. Where is the Capital of Peru?
(a) Luanda
(b) Khartoum
(c) Bandar Seri Begawan
(d) Lima

Q10. What is the theme for International Nurses Day (IND), that International Council of Nurses (ICN) has chosen?
(a) Nurses: Working with the Poor; Against Poverty
(b) Nurses: Fighting AIDS stigma, working for all
(c) Nurses Always There for You: Caring for Families
(d) Nurses A Voice to Lead – Health is a Human right

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