Child Pedagogy Questions for DSSSB Exam : 26th May 2018

Child Pedagogy Questions for DSSSB Exam

"Teaching Aptitude/ Child Pedagogy" is one of the common in any teaching examination.This section plays a very important part in any teaching examination. This part contains approx. 30-40 questions depend upon the examination pattern that we can easily score only if we practice it on regular basis. These questions are not only for CTET Exam but also for KVS, NVSDSSSB, UPTET & STET also.So, we will provide you the questions which will help you in preparing for Exams

Q1. Which of the following is not a feature of progressive education?
(a) Curriculum is designed as per the interests of children
(b) Integrated curriculum approach is used
(c) Less emphasis is aid on textbooks
(d) It considers each child the same

Q2. The main purpose of assessment is to
(a) Spot the errors of the learners
(b) measure the learners’ achievement
(c) decide whether a child should be promoted to the next level
(d) identify and remedy gaps in learning

Q3. An Important component of creativity is
(a) originality
(b) discipline
(c) fluency
(d) flexibility

Q4. The term ‘Behaviour’ includes
(a) Both external and internal stimulation
(b) Internal stimulation as the main cause
(c) External stimulus and response only
(d) External stimulation as an objective condition

Q5. The aptitude of a person for taking teaching profession could be tested on the basis of
(a) his achievement standards in his courses of study
(b) his imposing personality for controlling classes
(c) his attitude towards persons whom he has to teach
(d) none of these

Q6. While dealing with juvenile delinquents a teacher should
(a) play them with filthy sex jokes
(b) talk with them patiently and guide and channelize their potentialities in constructive ways
(c) complain to the principal against them
(d) none of above

Q7. The introduction of career courses in schools and colleges aims at
(a) developing the ability to make the intelligent choice of jobs
(b) increasing G.K. in students
(c) providing professional knowledge
(d) All of the above

Q8. Who recommended that the years of secondary schooling be increased to the 10 + 2 pattern
(a) The Ramamurti Report
(b) The Kothari Commission
(c) Basic Scheme
(d) All of the above

Q9. …………… refers to the state within a person or animal that drives behaviour toward some goal.
(a) Competence
(b) Affiliation
(c) Self-actualisation
(d) Motivation

Q10. Psychologists are in favour of including contents of therapeutic value in the reading material to be recommended for school children. This objective could be achieved by
(a) Including lesson on treatment of physical ailments.
(b) Dealing with doubts and problems of students which cannot be asked in the classroom directly.
(c) Explaining to students the problem having faced by schools in their administration.
(d) None Of these

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