The Hindu Newspaper Editorial Vocabulary For Teaching Exam

The Hindu Newspaper Editorial Vocabulary For Teaching Exam

Dear Readers, we are providing to you Word List from The HINDU Newspaper to improve your word power. It will help you to enhance your word power as well as you can understand the correct usage of the word.Your reading habit can make all the difference. If you are not able to read a newspaper for Teaching Exam.We will post important words every day from editorial section.

1.Gallows (n) : Execution by hanging.
Synonyms : Gibbet, Scaffold
Use : In the Argentina, the gallows has been replaced by the gurney for executions.

2.Deplore (v) : Feel or express strong condemnation
Synonyms : Abhor , Moan
Use : Teachers deplore student behaviors that distract from lectures.

3.Cult (n) : A system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object.
Synonyms : Belief, Persuasion, Affiliation,
Use : The god's cult statue is housed in the main room of the temple.

4. Ablaze (adj): Very brightly colored or lighted.
Synonyms: Alight, Aflame , Raging, Fiery
Use : The morning sun set the sky ablaze.

5. Visage (n): A person's facial expression.
Synonyms: Expression , Look , Features
Use : The model’s visage earned her many cover photos.

6.Debonair (adj): Confident, stylish, and charming.
Synonyms: Suave, Urbane, Sophisticated, Cultured
Use : Onscreen and in person, the actors always manages to look so debonair.

7. Pretentious (adj) : Attempting to impress by affecting greater importance or merit than is actually possessed.
Synonyms: Affected, Ostentatious, Chichi
Use : Rohit prefers the simple things in life and is not pretentious by any means.

8. Rendezvous (n) : A meeting at an agreed time and place.
Synonyms: Meeting, Appointment, Engagement
Use : He checked the time and calculated how long it would take to reach the rendezvous point.

9. Pliant (adj) : Easily influenced or directed
Synonyms: Compliant, Biddable, Docile, Tractable
Use : When the slaves were not pliant, their owners would punish them.

10.Rife (adj) : In a great quantity
Synonyms: Widespread, General, Common
Use : Countries with limited clean water resources are rife with cases of stomach viruses.