English Questions For DSSSB 2018 Exam

English Questions For CTET 2017 Exam

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Today, We are providing you the English Misc. Questions which help you to evaluate your performance by attempting these questions on regular basis. On daily basis, we will try to provide a variety of study material for English language or English Pedagogy section. These questions will help you a lot to prepare well in Language section in  each teaching competitve examination like  CTET 2017 ExamKVSDSSSBNVS etc.

Directions (1-5): In the following questions a blank has been given, out of the given options. Choose the correct option.

Q1. The story of the novel, The Deranged, is very __________. It shows how a man cut off from the world for a long time becomes a mad man.
(a) absorbing
(b) irritating
(c) controversial
(d) useless

Q2. Although Agatha is arguably as good a mystery writer as Grundy, she is clearly far less __________ than Grundy, having written only six books in comparison to Grundy’s sixty.
(a) prolific
(b) equivocal
(c) verbose
(d) gripping

Q3. A golden rule which should always be followed by an investor is that: never invest on sentiment or on a tip; look for stocks with promising __________ potential for growth.
(a) fast
(b) long-term
(c) higher
(d) quick

Q4. At the world’s finest educational institutes, only students with the __________ to succeed are selected.
(a) luck
(b) drive
(c) resources
(d) experience

Q5. Jamshedji Tata, the founder of the Tata Group in India, knew that only dedication and __________ could ensure that the customer gets the very best.
(a) commitment
(b) money
(c) perception
(d) supervision

Directions (6-10): In each question, a part of sentence is printed in bold. Below each sentence, some phrases are given which can substitute the bold part of the sentence. Find out the phrase which can correctly substitute that part of the sentence. If the sentence is correct as it is, the answer is ‘No correction required’ or ‘No improvement’.

Q6. They stood gazing a Taj Mahal, lost in estimation.
(a) admiration
(b) respiration
(c) satisfaction
(d) No improvement

Q7. The meeting was held under the auspicious of the Lions Club.
(a) auspices
(b) audience
(c) auspiciousness
(d) No improvement

Q8. The officer scolded the peon in front of the clerks.
(a) with
(b) before
(c) beside
(d) No improvement

Q9. Herbal medicines are very efficient in treatment of jaundice.
(a) affective
(b) effective
(c) expensive
(d) No improvement

Q10. As per the Central Government order people having double cylinder connections are not eligible for kerosene.
(a) citizens
(b) consumers
(c) elders
(d) No improvement