English Questions For DSSSB 2018 Exam

English Questions For CTET 2017 Exam

Hello Readers,
Today, We are providing you the English Questions which help you to evaluate your performance by attempting these questions on regular basis. On daily basis, we will try to provide a variety of study material for English language or English Pedagogy section. These questions will help you a lot to prepare well in Language section for thCTET 2017 Exam.

Directions (1-2): Choose the option which is the antonym of the word mentioned in the question.

(a) chortle
(b) grimace
(c) cackle
(d) snigger

(a) dissent
(b) acquiesce
(c) accede
(d) subscribe

Directions (3 – 5): In the following questions, one part of the sentence may have an error. Find out which part of the sentence has an error and click the button corresponding to it. If the sentence is free from error, click the "No error" option.

Q3. I used (A)/ a pair of black trousers (B) / for a week (C)/ No error (D)
(a) A
(b) B
(c) C
(d) D

Q4. He has made a mistake (A)/ of which (B) / I am certain (C) / No error (D)
(a) A
(b) B
(c) C
(d) D

Q5. He was not allowed (A) / for the teacher (B) / to read in a low voice (C) / no error (D)
(a) A
(b) B
(c) C
(d) D

Directions (6-10): In the following questions, select the appropriate word from the given options to complete the sentence.

Q6. There were no errors in my paper because I was __________ in my proofreading.
(a) fauna
(b) disconcerted
(c) improper
(d) meticulous

Q7. These coffee beans were __________ from Madagascar. I’m glad they made it to the United States because I really love the cup of coffee they brew.
(a) embed
(b) waned
(c) levied
(d) exported

Q8. We can __________ interest in the Arts Festival by having a big rally outside the cafeteria a few days before the event.
(a) garner
(b) terrain
(c) fluctuate
(d) reinvent

Q9. Through his __________, he deceived us all.
(a) None of these
(b) selvage
(c) canard
(d) ballistic

Q10. Trixie must have discovered the __________ of life because she doesn’t look any older than when we were in high school thirty years ago.
(a) elixir
(b) utopian
(c) republic
(d) forensics